Your stories, live

Register your moments as they happen. Build and share in real-time.

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  • Add photos to the book as they are taken.
    New pages will be automatically created for you.
    Never lose your photos.
  • Share with selected friends and family.
    There is no commitment to print the books.
  • Add more to your book whenever something new and exciting happens.
    Delete what is no longer relevant.
  • Order a printed copy of your book for yourself.
    Order one of your friends' books as a gift.
    Use Inkive to create the perfect photo book gift.

Create in seconds

We will do all the hard work for you.

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  • Get photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa & Google+.
    Upload them from your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Inkive automatically organizes and places your photos at the right size.
    Rearrange photos and add text before the book is created.


Write your stories, explore yourcreativity and have fun.

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  • Use Inkive's book format to tell stories.
    Give a personal touch to each book.
    Perfect for digital scrapbooking.
  • Edit your books from a computer, tablet or phone.
    Write your personal memories or use it for creative writing.
    Inkive offers hundreds of free backgrounds, stickers and pre-made layouts.


Invite friends to add photos to your book, or to edit with you.

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  • Create your book with a little help of your friends, relatives or co-workers.
    Ideal for group albums, family books, presentations, and gifts.
  • Get your friends to upload photos to your book.
    Have everyone's photos in the same place.
    Ideal for events, weddings and yearbooks.
  • Friends will be notified every time your book is updated.
    Ideal for school books, family journals, and newsletters.

Explore and Share

No annoying noise or adverts

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  • Save the books you like.
    Access the most up-to-dated version of that book on your Inkive library.
    Follow only people you care about.
  • Get followed and build up your audience.
    Embed your books to any website.
    Create SEO friendly content.
    Use for presentations, portfolio, or to publish a picture book about anything.
    Monetize your content - coming soon.

Smart Privacy Options

Keep your content safe.

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  • Use as a diary, an exercise plan or a mood board.
  • Public books will be discoverable online and you can embed it to a website.
    Ideal for any content you want out there.

Jaw Dropping Books

Buy in a touch of a button

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  • Inkive has a worldwide printing network, allowing production on demand and as close to the recipient as possible.
  • Multiple sizes, soft and hard cover options.
    Magazines, regular and hand-made flush mount book formats available.
  • We only partner with top printing facilities worldwide to offer you the highest-quality books.
  • All creators can download the eBook version for free.
    Print-ready PDFs are also available.